Being Strong

The world today places a lot of importance on being strong in the face of all difficulty and in trying to do this, we often end up living out incorrect ideas of what the word ‘strength’ actually means. 
At times, real strength requires us to quietly observe the behavior of a person who is being less than nice to us and to try and understand what is really behind that display of emotion. Backing down from an argument or fight, when the first instinct is to fight back, takes a huge amount of strength and patience. At other times, strength might well mean to stand up to centuries of old, meaningless traditions or beliefs and do what you feel is right. Knowing the difference between when you need to walk away and when you need to fight it out takes real wisdom and courage.
We also often hear that strong people never feel afraid- this could not be further from the truth. Everyone feels fear in difficult or trying situations. But it is the strong ones, who do not let their fears stop them from achieving what they want to. They acknowledge their fear, carefully understand what their options are, and move on to do what needs to be done with confidence in their actions and grace in their step. 
Asking for help when you need it the most takes a lot of courage. It shows that you understand that you are not capable of dealing with everything on your own, because really…who is? We often see people, especially women, trying to deal with everything by themselves because they feel that asking for help makes them look weak. It is the strong ones who really understand that responsibilities, happiness and grief- all can be shared with families and loved ones and can be used as learning experiences for a better, happier future. 
Breaking down or crying is not a form of weakness as we are so often led to believe. If you look closely, people who cry easily or express their emotions are often the strongest. It takes great strength to open your heart out and reveal what’s inside it- wounds, hurt, grief- all of it. Letting people see your hurt or fear does not make you weak. It only shows that inside you is a normal person trying to deal with the confusing journey that this life can be. At the best of times, life isn’t fair. And at the worst of times, it can bring with it a level of sadness that can make us fall to our knees in pain. 
So, let yourself be gutted. Let the grief open you. Start right there. 
Express, make yourself open to judgement from other people and let it all out. Do not ever apologize for being emotional or sensitive. Know that this be a sign that you have a big heart and aren’t afraid of letting anyone see what’s in it. For you are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to become!

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