Exorcizing our Demons

Sometimes we need to exorcise our demons. No, not those with ugly eyes and scary teeth. Not those that hide under our bed when we were little. No, not those… some demons are far more real than those. Those are not scary anymore. Those became familiar, they became friendly. Those became the closest to love…almost our friends.

These demons are the ones that failed to be other than demons. These demons have a name, have a body, have a voice and a harsh opinion. Those demons got inside of you when love should have. Those demons shouted at you when understanding should have whispered. Those demons cursed you when acceptance should have wrapped her arms around you. Those demons left you alone when all You needed was to be held, strong and tight and never let gone. Those demons… oh those demons… so fragile and yet so powerful. Made of flesh and bone and so much.. but oh so much ” unlove” .

Exorcise those. They do not belong to you. They belong to where they came from. Those belong to those who spoke the words, to those who left you alone and abandoned. They belong to those who did not hear you, who did not see you, who did not accept you, who did not respect you…. who did not love you…. they belong to those to whom you were too much, too pretty, too lovely, too beautiful, too innocent, too much of everything they were not…. they belong to those who failed to be anything else than demons….

You are too precious to be anything other than love.

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